Synthetic Monologue (2018)

by Golden Death Music

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released April 20, 2018


all rights reserved


Track Name: Harmonic Motion Forever
World...I feel for you...
Like the sun fears the ocean...
the light and the darkness as one...

Take my hand...
Harmonic Motion Forever
Close your mind...
All inner space is on fire
Cross your soul...
I'm calling to the Olde Ones

Turn off the lies, turn up the lights, give up the day, bring me the night

Girl...I feel for you...
Like noone can
Track Name: Dysfunction City
Lazing Hearts...beating just enough to ward away the nightmare
Another Sign...leading all of us into the wrong direction

Dysfunction City!
I'm doing all I can it takes to get there
Dysfunction City!
I'm doing just the best I can to get there...yeah...

We'll all be forgotten and useless together

Amazing Starts...always ending in the same mistakes and nightmares
Another Time...falling backwards into years of missed connections

We'll all be forgotten and useless together
Misbegotten and toothless forever
Track Name: Heaven Shaker
We were all born tripping towards the sun
Falling blindly through all space and time
How the masters love to watch us run
Mindless children dancing with their guns
They won't speak to us from their thrones
We've been weak for so long
What you seek will come when I'm gone
You'll be freed as my soul ignites

Give me your life...
Track Name: Darker Hours
Steel yourself the worst has yet to pass
The summer's time has come and gone, and love's gone with it.. Knowing...that every day from here could be the last
And all the things that once gave hope now fade away to nothing
It haunts me...
I want free...
Take me away...another land...another place...another life...
To reach back through the years and change the past
But all the time has come and gone and love's gone with it, running.
If nothing good is ever meant to last...
There's no escape from darker hours and all the hate that's coming
I'm falling...
Down on my knees...
Take me away...another land...another place...another life
Track Name: Invisible Tears
I've been waiting all these years
Drying invisible tears
Chasing shadows in the night
Fleeing loneliness and fear
They say...

And now that you're here...
Invisible tears fall on all that you wanted
Invisible Tears

I've been running all my life...
And feel the moment drawing near
When all the voices in my mind...
are all the voices that I hear
They say...

And now that you're here...
Invisible tears fall on all that you wanted
Invisible Tears
Track Name: Another Fever Pitch
Cast upon an ocean of blood
Looking down and seeing only...
Waves of my reflected hand...
Reaching out and miles away from home...
I know...
That I can never come back..
And as the sky becomes clear in the morning sun
Another dreamer turns back in the eyes of God
Another Fever Pitch
Track Name: Voice of Consequence
I've been waiting on a voice of consequence
All I hear are whispers in the dark
Yet I know...
Every moment takes a part of me with it
But what is gone and what remains?
I've been drowning in a stream of conscientiousness
Always bleeding from an open heart
Yet, I know...
Every moment takes a part of me with it
But will the stars all know my name?
I don't wanna be the next one in line...
Forced to bury myself and watch the faded memories pass me by
See the only enemy's in your mind
Touch the opening hand and steal the truth
The only thing left inside

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