BackwardsOnwards (2014)

by Golden Death Music

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released January 1, 2014

Michael Ramey: Music and Words
Kyle Mowat: Cover Art


all rights reserved


Track Name: False Bypass
My sings with the sound of steel
And my streams with the cold design
To bring death and move on
And take what's mine
Just one breath and it's gone
In the beat of a heart

While I dance in the fire
That floats free in the air
I see the last of a dying light
And drink the blood of the earth

As you drown through the years
And play your part
I weep for the dream
That was dead from the start
Track Name: Mourning Bell
There's no more use to go on
We'll always end up here
The same sad lies that I know
Will always reappear

Just like a ghost inside my soul

It once held a light now it's gone
The mourning bell rings clear
And all this time that we've known
I'd always end up here

Just like a ghost inside your soul
Track Name: Voice of Everything
In your eyes I see the face of a dying star...
There's no escape
In my mind...I hear the voice of everything
And I don't want to speak anymore
You know there's no escape...
From the thing's we've done
You know there's no escape
From the thing's we've done

My hands are cold
And there's no sun
Our heart's been sold
What have we done?
Track Name: Accommodation
Red lights
Ending my life
What can I say
All of my own?
So wise...
Given no last try
What have I done
All on my own?
Swallowed my own lie...
Swallow my own...last...lie
Track Name: Turning
In my heart I know it's true...
That it's all lies
In your eyes I see now...
What you touch dies
And you reached inside my life
And you tried to steal my heart
Track Name: Blameless
Life has gone astray...
It changes, there's no way you can take it back
The light that's gone away is ageless
It blinded us before today
The dreams are all gone, the song soon will be too
There's nothing left to say
You're blameless
There's no way I can take you back
The love that's gone away is ageless
Track Name: Mia
In your eyes, I know it's true
Oh mine...oh mine...
In my heart, I know it's you
Oh mine...oh mine...

And I wait...embrace the hands of fait
And I'd wait always, to have you in my arms...
I'll wait
Track Name: Everything Happens by Chance
All lies..everything is worthless
And all your love is wasted on this tired reflection of a world
In a dream and I feel your eyes go...
Up to the son..
Where time will see us all end burning up as one

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