Deadly Weather EP (2017)

by Golden Death Music

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released April 14, 2017


all rights reserved


Track Name: Deadly Weather
Just sex and death in one last faded, worn out place in my heart
And nothing seems to be working; all these drugs I put in my arms...
In deadly weather, loneliness is pleasure
And all my friends I once believed are making time with the devil
All the sane minds have given up

Ohhhh baby
Everyone around you knows what you already are
Ohhhh baby
Nothing that surrounds you feels like anything

Fuck the world around us
Wish we'd never found this doorway to an open dream
Nothing lasts forever
Loneliness is pleasure
What's it take to make you see?
Fuck the world around us
I'm so glad they found us drowning on the open C
but Nothing lasts forever
Loneliness is pleasure
When will all the world believe?
Track Name: I Saw the Moonlight
I saw the light....
I saw the Moonlight...

Listening in the night
No dreams when I sleep
I'm tired, and roaming in the shadows of the deep
Not knowing who I am
It's snowing in my heart again
In the clouds
I'm free from the crowds
In space, no one can hear me screaming your name
Or counting to ten
It's snowing in my heart again

I saw the light
I saw the Moonlight

Whispering in the night
No tears for the weak
In death, everyone will remember my name
What was it again?
It's snowing in my heart again
Track Name: Closing Hearts to Open Minds
Jennifer, where are you?
I can't feel your eyes
You've been gone now for some time
And it's no surprise to me...
I would die to touch you
I could love you right

Take your hand as I close my eyes
Feel your light turn to stone
A living lie, was it so bad that I met you?
Closing hearts to open minds
Track Name: Song for Lucian
Oh, my Son, believe me...
Please don't listen when they tell you I'm not coming home...I'm not coming back

Oh, my Heart, don't leave me...
You're the only one that I see when I cover my eyes in the dark

Oh, my son, relieve me...
Please remember when I held you...
And if they say you're alone.... it's a lie
Track Name: Ghost in the City
I'm a fucking ghost
Noone knows my name
Or even seems to care
It's like I am not here

Well I lost my heart in the city
Then I found myself in the ground
I lost my heart in a country
Full of liars, the broke and the proud
Yeah, I once believed....

Now I'm a fucking ghost
Track Name: Los Suenos de Ayer
Oye Marcela
Me parece que siempre estaras alejada de mi y los suenos de ayer
Adios, mi corazon
Tu ya eligiste y lo se que nunca volveras ni a la tierra ni a mi
Oye Marcela
Que no me olvides mi amor
Llevas mi corazon y mi vida ya se acabo
Que no te deprimes por favor
Sigue tu corazon y la luz te consiguira

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