Cosmic Joke (2010)

by Golden Death Music

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released April 19, 2010


all rights reserved


Track Name: Beyonder
Behind the veil of all that's real
Lies a place intangible
Through life and death...
Beyond all things that hold us back
from seeing the flame that lights the way
through life and death
Beyond all things
Track Name: Impending Sound
All life will end with a sound
Ending Time..crashing down on us all
One last note, turning bones into dust
Impending sound
Track Name: Futile
The future's certain
No thing's won't change
We'll be forgotten, and noone will be saved
Trapped in a circle
No, it´s not sane
To keep on breathing
When it´s always the same

Yet still
We fight against the tide
We try and try
But only live to die

So what´s the purpose...
Why all this pain?
What is the answer?
Soon you´ll be in your grave

Give up...
Don´t try...
There is no hope
Track Name: Hopeless
Closed in heart and closed in mind
I try to say right things
But how can I be understood?´s over

Say you want to die
And throw away your life
Kill the child inside
And get away from all this pain
So what can I do?
Nothing seems to help you
A helpless, hopeless fool
Is all I am and all I´ll be
Track Name: Hegira
I was trying to move on away from this place...
In time for a good life, but now it´s gone
Displaced further and always untrue
What´s left to do? Embrace the good lie
Track Name: Vortex
We live our lives without a sound
Wasting away in silence
Fear rules our days and holds us down
We can not be ourselves
Lost in a dream of endless night
Until we look within
And find the light to guide us out
Unlock our minds and hearts
Track Name: RobthePastFeedtheFuture
I was blind to all the signs
The changing tides are softly screaming

Reaching back to a time where nothing is worthless
There you´ll find something new
Rob the Past feed the Future
Track Name: Relapse
There is no time
Butt is calling
So don´t ask why
When noone is surprised
Close your mind
To all that is around you
Things will be fine
Theres noone here to stop you

And now you´re free
No more thoughts

One more time
The sleeping death has awakened
So don´t ask why
As it slips its arms around you
Deaf, dumb and blind
To all of your surroundings
But you´re still high
And that is all that matters
Track Name: Debt
Please oh please
Sing to me with your shrill voices
It´s okay
Bleed me dry
Time is Life is Money
Raise the dead
And collect all that they owe you
Reach into a child´s dream
to steal his heart
Breath in deep
Mindless greed
Nothing else matters
Don´t forget
Anger will serve you so well
Track Name: Selfish
The same mistakes they haunt me but they´re all I have
I know what´s going to happen and it just drags me down
Nothing really matters when you´re trapped in an endless hole
Disappointment waits for me at every turn in the road

But I know it´s not for good...

The same mistakes they haunt me but they´re all I have
The same mistakes they haunt me but they´re just all I have
Track Name: So long...
So long...
I´ll be here
Thinking of the way you left when I could not speak
And you could not see how you had become
My ears, my mouth and my eyes
My life, my blood and my sighs
I gave you all that was mine
It filled the skies
Track Name: OhWhyOhWhyOhWhy?
Coming to terms with the fact that it´s happening
Every day, thoughts get a little more cloudy...
It gets harder and harder
Everything hurts
And there´s nothing anyone can do it about it
Nothing that you can say
Close my eyes
Think....I can´t think like I used to
It´ll be okay...It´ll be okay....
You can say whatever you want but I´ll be happy
My being is full of nothing

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