Ephemera Blues (2007)

by Golden Death Music

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released October 6, 2007


all rights reserved


Track Name: Endless Dream
To lie and sink into an endless dream of light and warmth is all I want
But I must think of other ways to find escape from the cold that comes from within me
Track Name: Together
I think we're wasting time but wait for me...I don't want to do this alone
I don't want to do this alone...so wait...and then
Together, we can finally be apart
Together, we can die
Track Name: Mourning Song Morning Sun
The light is all long gone
All I have left is this song
Mourning Song
Morning Sun
Track Name: Self-Help
Stab yourself in the arm
The pain gives way to a short lived love
That sends you gasping to the floor
That gives but takes so much more
Free yourself from this grip
It's your own hand that's strangling you
Track Name: Ephemera Blues
I have seen great things
Terrified of existence
When I close my eyes at night I see that death is only a step away
And it pains me to no end
And it saves me when I'm suicidal
Track Name: True Beauty is Emptiness
Sing me a song without any meaning
You know in the end it won't make a difference
Feel no remorse about anything
Emotions only hold you back and tie you down to a transparent lie
Accept that you're worthless
True beauty is emptiness
Accept that you're worthless
The true path is effortless
Track Name: Into the Ocean
Let's go back into the ocean...Let's go back
Throw yourself into the water
Feel the changed and tainted ocean
Let the damaged waves caress you
Feel the change
Let's go back into the ocean...Let's go back
Track Name: The Unmaking
We are the Ones who made the Sun and stole away the Darkness
But soon our work will be undone, and you'll return to the void
Yeah..we know you're having fun...
Did you think that things would stay that way?
Well it's over now, your time is up...and you did nothing but waste it.
There will be no endless sweet reward when you get what you deserve
Yeah...we know you're having fun...
Did you think that things would stay that way?
Oh no.....

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