Form and Truth Frequency (2016)

by Golden Death Music

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released October 27, 2016


all rights reserved


Track Name: Another Day
Another day, and it's still so far away...
With no escape, is it still worth living?
Another chain, and it all still feels the same
The more it takes, the more we keep on giving

And I can't stay away or...
Stop holding on to hopeless dreaming, finding noone to ease my pain
Track Name: Hopeless Games
It's the devil, I know
Not the one I want, but there isn't any way out
The world turns and I just...
Try to be wise in this life full of hopeless games that we play,
But I just keep on losing
Track Name: Nil
Godbless your heart, and Goddamn your soul
Nothing was my fault, because you took control...
of everything that makes me what I am
And when you drank my blood, it made me less a man

Darkness fills my heart, Rage consumes my mind, Tries to steal my light away
Track Name: The Falling Key
And no matter how hard I try I end up in the beginning with the taste of blood and failure in my mouth
And no matter how loud I cry through the void to the heavens there is only one was to unlock this cell
And the key keeps falling...
And the moment that I might die fills my heart with a sadness for the words unsaid and things I've left undone
And the world passes me by, once again in the right place with the feeling I was born in the wrong time
And the key keeps feeling...
Track Name: Alien Sunset
There's a space ship crashed in the graveyard
There's a beautiful dead man lost in the sea
Hash dipped DMT crystals
There's an alien sunset waiting for me
Will we wake up?
Have we found God?
Can we be friends?
Will He take us on His knee and whisper all the secrets of the universe and reassure us all that everything is as it should be?
Track Name: Sun Ocean
As the Sun drips down in the Ocean
Not a safe soul left in the water
There's a scream that echoes for a long time
And the sky burns read with emotion
There's a dream that's lost in the shallows
And a shadow moving in the water
All the world falls quiet for a short time
As the sun drips down in the ocean
Track Name: Defender of the Future
The Echo swims, and breaks the walls of time for you
Marks on your head look like the stars in the sky
Twin Sisters come and go to tell their tales to you
The drunkards sing the songs that make you cry

All the long sails
All move skywards
Billowed by a girl
All is sung

Now isn't anything the only choice for you?
Now you must touch me to come over to my time
Track Name: Home
Nobody told them it doesn't come easily
Blood is in the air like it's her first time down
She'll never be the only takes one time
And when it's over, can she go home?


Everyone sold him, and made it seem reasonable
Blood is in the air like it's his last time down
Heroin's a cure, but only works some time
Now that he's older, can he go home?

Track Name: Macharua
Track Name: Lost in the Gallows
Lost in the gallows
Alone since...who knows you know I know just how much time
We've been here
A long while, since everyone we know has gone away
To the garden of light, far beyond the veil of this life
And free from the shadows that once tried to drag us down like stones into the dust
We all must stay the path, don't stray from the light so faint...
and someday we can find Forever
Track Name: The Last Divide Divine
Looking back through the years of wasted time, ever flowing with the tide
and never once I tried to reach beyond the shoreline of my life
A dream that someone's telling lies about the day the left behind the last Divine Divide

I have lost the will to be myself again
Nothing is the same as it was before
We can't will the lost to return home once more

And all this below, held hostage
I know...

I've got to let it go

Reaching forth through the fear
All space and time
Never knowing what we'll find
If only once to see the light beyond the doorway of this life
A dream of someone else's mind
Someone who found the bridge to cross the last Divide Divine

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